About Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a chronic disease in which your body becomes dependent on alcohol. When you have alcoholism, you lose control over your drinking. You may not be able to control when you drink, how much you drink, or how long you drink on each occasion. If you have alcoholism, you continue to drink even though you know it's causing problems with your relationships, health, work or finances.

It's possible to have a problem with alcohol but not have all the symptoms of alcoholism. This is known as "alcohol abuse," which means you drink too much and it causes problems in your life although you aren't completely dependent on alcohol. If you have alcoholism or you abuse alcohol, you may not be able to cut back or quit without help. A number of approaches are available to help you recover from alcoholism, including medications, counseling and self-help groups.

Alcoholism symptoms include:

  • Being unable to limit the amount of alcohol you drink
  • Feeling a strong need or compulsion to drink
  • Developing tolerance to alcohol so that you need an increasing amounts to feel its effects
  • Having legal problems or problems with relationships, employment or finances due to drinking
  • Drinking alone or in secret
  • Experiencing physical withdrawal symptoms — such as nausea, sweating and shaking — when you don't drink
  • Not remembering conversations or commitments, sometimes referred to as "blacking out"
  • Making a ritual of having drinks at certain times and becoming annoyed when this ritual is disturbed or questioned
  • Losing interest in activities and hobbies that used to bring you pleasure
  • Irritability when your usual drinking time nears, especially if alcohol isn't available
  • Keeping alcohol in unlikely places at home, at work or in your car
  • Gulping drinks, ordering doubles, becoming intoxicated intentionally to feel good or drinking to feel "normal"

Recommended Treatment:

alcohol-addiction-de-addiction-capsuleDe-Addiction Alcohol Addiction Treatment works by increasing the levels of the brain "feel good" neurotransmitters. By providing an all-natural boost off serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, and GABA, the ingredients in De-Addiction capsule can help you feel happy, energetic, and confident. The working ingredients in De-Addiction provide your brain with the chemicals alcohol produces but without the side effects, after 90 days your neurotransmitter levels should be completely restored and successfully eliminate the urge to drink.

De-Addiction helps you eliminate the urge to drink in as little as fifteen minutes and continues working for up to eight to twelve hours. De-Addiction calms more quickly when taken on an empty stomach, but it remains effective when taken with food. (Expect relief in 15-30 minutes on an empty stomach and 30-60 minutes on a full stomach.) The active ingredients in the De-Addiction nutritional-herbal complex are well-recognized, and widely-used as natural medicines to provide positive support during periods of heightened emotional stress, and dealing with addictive disorders. De-Addiction is all-natural and there are no side effects for short term or long term usage.

Eliminates Withdrawal Symptoms with De-Addiction Capsule:

  • Decrease nervousness or nervous tension
  • Eliminate anxiety, mood changes and panic attacks
  • Reduced stress
  • Boosted immune system response
  • Improved focus and mental clarity
  • Eliminates restlessness and other overactive behavior
  • Eliminates sleep difficulties
  • Eliminates all symptoms including; cold sweats, paranoia, shaking, etc.
  • Feel euphoric, happier and more confident
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