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DE addiction capsule plays a vital role to calm down the addict mind so they don’t crave for alcohol, smoke, drugs etc.


Our Mission

We are extremely concerned in the National Campaign of 'DARU MUKTI' (Alcohol De-addiction) program. It is our benefit to advise that our endeavors to make our country free from liquor dependence are as yet spreading all over India with incredible achievement. Till now about half millions addicted people are profited with our De Addiction capsule to stop alcohol addiction. De Addiction is an herbal formula made with right mix of rare herbals, vitamins, minerals and other natural ingredients that removes your addiction with regular use.


What is De Addiction?

De Addiction is an herbal formula made with right mix of rare herbals, vitamins, minerals and other natural ingredients that removes your addiction with regular use. De Addiction helps in combating your craving/desire for addiction such as smoking, drinking, chewing tobacco etc. It minimizes your anxiety due to addiction, and simultaneously, De Addiction detoxifies your system and strengthens your body. De Addiction is highly effective for both male and female. As it is natural, therefore, there are no side effects of De Addiction Capsule.


How De Addiction Works?

De Addiction at first attacks the craving of addict by making them nausea whenever they are ready to consume cigarette, tobacco, alcohol etc. Second, De Addiction detoxifies addict’s body system of all chemicals that may have accumulated due to substance abuse. Third, De Addiction helps build fortitude and psychological strengthen in order to empower them not to start consumption of substance again in future. Lastly, De Addiction helps regain body strengthen as due to substance abuse addict may have weakened their internal organs.

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De Addiction is an effective capsule for the people who want to quit alcohol and drug addictions. See what our customers are saying!


Pankaj Kumar

I Purchased De Addiction for my Brother, and I am very happy with the results. I would like to thank De Addiction for such a good product.

Satveer Singh

I am also happy and excited after using De Addiction. I don't have words to Thank you for the change I have got in my personality after using your product.


Ravi Saxena

De Addiction is a wonderful product. I used it for a month and saw a noticeable difference in myself. Now I don't shy of going out with my friends etc. Thank you.

Uday Singh

De Addiction Capsule is really a amazing solution for alcohol addicted person. it gives excellent results. i am really glad with its amazing outcome.


Ramesh Rawat

De addiction capsule is one of magical solution for me. After using this I rid from my regular habit of drinking. No I m an non addicted person and with it.

Mr. N. Negi

De addiction capsule is really a very marvelous product. Addiction can be life threatening. Thanks to this amazing product that gets me out of it.


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